Electronic waste

  • As businesses and consumers strive to keep pace with the cycle of computer equipment upgrades, a problem has been evolving as fast as the technology that fuels our modern lives: What do we do with out-dated and unwanted computer equipment?
  • Monitors and other electronic equipment contain lead, mercury, arsenic and other hazardous materials. In the United States, an estimated 70% of heavy metals in landfills comes from discarded electronics, while electronic waste represents only 2% of America's trash in landfills. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates how businesses dispose of their ewaste.
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Global eRecyclers

  • Global eRecyclers provides businesses and consumers with advanced and environmentally conscious methods of recycling and disposal of electronic equipment. Our services specialize in recycling computers and electronic equipment, providing e-waste recycling solutions for all types of businesses, institutions and communities. We recycle all types of electronics using our pioneered methods to correctly handle obsolete computers and monitors, without sending them to landfills.  We’re working to keeping 100% of E-Waste out of landfills.
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  • Committed to our mission of reducing, reusing and recycling ewaste, Global adheres to the highest level of environmental responsibility. Our recycling capabilities conserve valuable resources through our resource recovery process, such as plastic and glass, which are further processed by our downstream vendors to be reused to manufacture new products.We will recycle your company's non-working and obsolete eWaste,  including  Computers, Monitors,Servers,Cell phones, Cables and other peripherals.