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Global eRecyclers is committed to handling all materials we process in an environmentally responsible manner. The assurance is your obsolete electronics are processed in a manner reflecting the highest concern for the preservation of the environment.

Our fully integrated approach delivers:

Proper Disposal of ewaste, Eliminating Liability

Data Security Sanitation and Destruction Services

Minimum Environmental Impact

Reclaiming Value through Refurbishment, Reuse or


Logistics and Transportation Services

Reports and Certification

Asset Management


Hassle Free Electronic Recycling


Our approach to environmental stewardship is to strive to be a leader in the industry, constantly updating systems and procedures to maintain an effective approach to our recycling process. Let us know how we can serve you to provide a hassle free pickup; our personalized services are designed to meet your needs.

what we offer

Pickup Service within Southern California:
We can provide customized logistic services to collect your obsolete electronic equipment from your business or organization. Our single point of contact will ensure your appointment is scheduled for a hassle free pick-up regardless of the volume of equipment you send us.

Data Security:
Are you concerned about the data stored on your hard drive could become compromised? Our recycling solutions eliminates your data security risk though our data security and destruction process.  

Reports and Certification:
Global eRecyclers will provide a detailed accounting report and certification to ensure that your ewaste was handled and processed using sound environmental practices.  None of the components from the equipment processed is disposed of in a landfill.

All of the materials found in ewaste have a market value in the recycling industry and none of the components or equipment is disposed of in a landfill. Global eRecyclers is committed to a zero-landfill policy for ewaste.